Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin, Inventor & Founding Father of the United States


Yes, the country is in economic turmoil and, yes, you're feeling the pinch as an
entrepreneur and business owner. But research has shown that thousands of
millionaires have been forged in the fires of every major historical economic recession...
So, what do millionaires-in-the-making do that average entrepreneurs and
business owners DON'T do during an 'economic crisis?'
Now, you can find out!
Learn The 5 Most Overlooked Strategies Used By Successful Entrepreneurs And Business Owners to Supercharge Their Sales and Profits, Even ln An 'Economic Crisis'!
ActionCOACH-DS Business Coaching, a leading business coaching and advisory firm invites you to attend this URGENT seminar presented by Danie Slabbert Pr Eng, one of the top business coaches and advisors locally.
Forget about trying to survive in these uncertain economic times. Learn how to thrive!
Driving your sales and profits in an 'economic crisis' is all about knowing how to do the activities that make you money the fastest and cutting the activities that don't. It's about knowing which assets are producing a healthy return on your investment and which ones should be eliminated. Most importantly, it's about knowing how to carefully manage your cash flow and invest in future growth while everyone else is shrinking back...

ln Just Two Hours You'll Learn:

  • Why this 'economic crisis' is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY and how to turn it into a massive breakthrough for your business...
  • How to use our 'profit equation' to develop an aggressive, measurable plan that increases your leads, sales conversion rates, and recurring transactions with your existing customer base...
  • How to build and lead a fearless, disciplined sales force with a relentless determination to win big. . .
  • How to set your business apart from your competitors and compel your customers to keep buying from YOU...
  • How to implement Key Performance Indicator systems to show everyone in your team how their efforts are making or breaking your business...
  • How to re-structure compensation packages to attract and retain top performers and motivate them to work as hard, and care as much about your business as you do.. .
  • How to keep more cash on hand by shedding non- essential tasks, rallying your team around a commitment to cutting costs and improving efficiencies. .

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WHEN:         Wednesday 28 April 2021

9h00 - 11h00
WHERE:       on ZOOM, click the link below to register

Alternatively: Should you not be able to join, you are welcome to call and make an appointment for a discussion.